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Acne is a common & frustrating skin ailment that disrupts your overall look. That's why its onset can be extremely stressful to many. Acne is developed when the oil from your skin, instead of being eliminated from your body, gets clogged in the roots of your hair follicles along with the dead skin.
Surprisingly, acne can be noticed not just on your face but also on the chest, back, upper arms & bottom.
Four out five men & women experience this problem during some stage of their life. It was previously seen mostly in teenagers but today, Acne is a problem that is quite rampant in adult-life as well as due to environmental factors, poor nutrition, stress & hormonal imbalance. In women, a condition called Hyperandrogenism can release higher than usual testosterone in the bloodstream. As a woman's body is not always well-equipped to deal with this surge of hormones, acne is just one of the many symptoms that show up.