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Blepharoplasty popularly called an eye lift reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from upper eyelids giving a younger fresh look. This procedure is also used to correct lateral vision problems.

What can i achieve from this surgery?

Blepharoplasty can correct loose, sagging, fatty skin from the lower & upper eyelid including drooping hooded eyelids, all of which add years & at times impairs vision.

What is the procedure of Blepharoplasty?

General anaesthesia or intravenous sedation is administered after which incisions are made to remove excess fat & skin. The procedure is carried out with skill & expertise in order to avoid scarring.

How long does it take to recover from an eyelid surgery?

It is common to have bruising & swelling after the surgery. Your eyelids should look normal with a week or two at most.

How long do the results last?

Upper eyelid surgery can last at least five to seven years. Lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be repeated.