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Say No to Waxing | Client Diaries

Every few weeks we need to run down to the salon to get waxing done. Or, even waste our time in shaving legs whenever you decide to go out in that pair of shorts. One of our clients, Saindhavi Das penned down her experience and shared with us.



Healthy, Shiny & Fizz Free Hair | Client Diaries

All of us are struggling to get the perfect lock of tress by avoiding chemicals. Recently one of our favorite clients, Prianca Saraswat penned down her experience and shared with us! Clinic Calee – Best Skin Clinic in Noida, also offers serv...


Take Care of your Tresses this Winter!

The problem of hair fall makes the season of winter very dull and gloomy. Winter is one of the remarkable seasons where hair fall is observed. This happens because our scalp gets dry in winter same as our skin. You can control this simply by makin...


Preparing for Marriage like it’s a Piece of a beautiful poetry!

So many ecstatic words and emotions flows in when someone recites the word ‘wedding’, like a piece of a beautiful poetry, it’s surely magical for every girl. Since the first time she attended  a wedding, she’s  be...


Are you still falling for Anti-Aging Commercials?

With everyone chasing the fountain of youth, concerns about aging have paced like a wildfire. Since ages, effortlessly radiant, glowing and soft as a feather skin is what we all have aspired for, especially women.  We all have fallen prey to ...


You thought there wasn’t any cure?

The only person not vexing about hair fall is “a bald”. At a certain point in life, we’ve all had a taste of this bitter problem and know at least one friend, relative or colleague suffering from the same. Healthy, soft, lustrous...


Holographic Nails In Trend

Holographic Nails are highly trending these days and Mine went on hype when I posted this picture on my social media accounts . The majority wanted to know which Nail studio did this design so apt for me !

Finally the Mystery is over !!<...


Should you go for Microdermabrasion?

This Saturday saw the launch of a very posh Calee wellness clinic at the upscale locality of Sector 18, Noida. The launch was attended by who's and who's of the society from Delhi circuit including the names like Dharna Hassija, Mussk...


Roma Singh Launches Wellness Clinic & Beauty Salon - Clinic Calee

Entrepreneur Roma Singh has launched her Wellness Clinic & Beauty Studio - "Calee” in Noida. Beauty enthusiasts at the event indulged in wellness treatments and conversations on how to groom better with advanced technologies av...


Launch of Clinic Calee…

CLINIC CALEE, WELLNESS CLINIC & BEAUTY STUDIO BY ROMA SINGH was Launched recently in Sector 18, Noida. Seen at the event were Beauty ehnthusiastics indulging themselves in Wellness treatments and conversations on How to beautify and ...


Blossom with Calee – Holistic Beauty & Wellness Clinic Launches in Noida

Calee (Kalee), a flower bud inspired by the divine beauty of your first step to the world, and further growing up to a distinctive you. Clinic Calee recently launched in Noida and will bring in Aesthetic Dermatology with the latest technology to t...