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Stretch marks are quite tricky! They can show up on the private parts of your body such as the glutes, shoulders or stomach. Either way, to get the perfect skin tone & texture for yourself, these streaks or stretches have to go!

Why do stretch marks occur?
A sudden drop or rise in your body weight is the main reason behind why stretch marks are formed. The problem is quite common for men & women. Hormonal changes, muscle gain due to body-building, pregnancy are just some of the conditions during which the elastic layer of our skin is tested. Sometimes, however, the elastic threshold of the skin is exceeded resulting in tears in the epidermis resulting in stretch marks.
With stretch marks on your body, wearing a low-cut or a sleeveless shirt or a short dress can be a big problem.
But at Calee, we've got you covered! We provide you with the highest rated treatments & therapies to minimise stretch marks on your body