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Breast Lift

If you are dealing with sagging breasts then breast uplift surgery also referred to as Mastopexy is the right choice for you. This procedure corrects sagging breasts or downward-pointing nipples. It restores the elasticity and firmness in breasts lost due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations and gravity.

What should I expect during breast lift surgery?

Typically, excess skin is removed & breast tissue is reshaped or removed and often replaced by implants to lift the sagging loose breasts. The areola is also repositioned to a higher position upon the breast.

Can a breast upliftment be carried out without implants?

yes it can be if one does not want implants in which case the breast tissue is reshaped similar to that of a small implant.

How long does the breast lift procedure take?

The procedure can take approximately 3 hours & is carried out under general anaesthesia.

How long before I can get back to work?

1 week to return back to work & 6 to 7 weeks before you see the final result.

Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts weighing you down? carrying those few extra pounds can lead to aches, pains, sweats & rashes. Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure carried out to reduce the size of breasts & increase your comfort by removing extra fat, skin & tissues. Men with abnormally large breasts; a condition referred to as Gynecomastia can also undergo a breast reduction.

How long does it take for a breast reduction procedure?

The procedure can take 2 to 5 hours under general anaesthesia.

How long before I can go back to work?

Approximately 2 weeks without any strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks.

What is the procedure of breast reduction surgery?

An incision is made around the areola & down each breast to remove excess fat, skin & tissue after which the areola is repositioned.

Breast Implants

Is your breast size taking a toll on your confidence then breast correction is for you. Get into shape and increase your self esteem and body image.

Why it's done ?

If your breasts are small or uneven in size

Correction of uneven breasts due to surgery or other conditions

Types of implants

Saline implants provide uniform shape, softness and feel and are FDA approved for women 18 years and older.

Silicone breast implants contain silicone gel which give a natural breast feel. They are FDA approved for women 22 years and older.

How long does a breast implant surgery take?

The surgery will take a minimum of 1 to 2 hours under general anaesthesia. Implants are placed under the chest muscles or tissues to enhance the size & shape of the breast.

What is the recovery time from breast implant surgery?

Approximately 2 weeks without any strenuous activity for 6 to 7 weeks.

Can I choose my cup size?

Breast Implants come in several sizes making it possible for you & your surgeon to decide on a Size best fit for you.???????