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Achieving your ideal body with CryoliPolysis: Benefits and Results

Anyone who has ever struggled with a few extra pounds that don't seem to go away no matter how much they exercise or eat has probably wished for a way to make fat disappear magically. If you believe the marketing, cryolipolysis, also known as the FDA-approved, branded procedure CoolSculpting, can do exactly that. However, as with any marketing claim, there is a more complicated truth hidden behind the headlines.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Though they may appear to be implacably resistant to exercise, fat cells are not as tough as other tissues in your body. Necrosis, or cellular death, occurs when fat cells reach a low enough temperature. Since some tissues in the body do not experience necrosis till after they reach lower temperatures, cryolipolysis relies on exposing a specific area of the body to a specific range of cold temperatures just for long enough to kill fat cells while causing no harm to other tissues.

Following a fat freezing procedure, the damaged fat cells are processed out by your body's natural waste processing systems. When done correctly on a stubborn fat deposit, cryolipolysis can reduce the number of fat cells in a specific area of the body, however there are some limitations to the amount of fat you will lose.

Does Cryoliplysis work?

CoolSculpting and other forms of cryolipolysis are very successful and popular.  People should keep in mind, however, that the treatment's effects only apply to the areas that have been targeted. It also has no effect on skin tightening. Furthermore, the method does not work for everyone. It is most effective on people who are close to their ideal body weight for their build and have pinchable fat on stubborn areas. According to a 2017 studyTrusted Source, the procedure was useful, especially in those with lower body mass. Other factors, such as lifestyle, may also play a role. Cryolipolysis is not a weight-loss treatment or a remedy for a bad lifestyle.

Benefits of Cryolipolysis

Clinically Proven Fat Loss

Cryolipolysis is the only non-surgical fat reduction treatment that has received FDA approval. It works by freezing fat cells, which are naturally eliminated from the body.

Safe, quick, and non-invasive

Cryolipolysis has been shown to be an effective treatment for fat reduction in problem areas. It is also a painless procedure. This means no needles, anaesthesia, or surgery. Cryolipolysis uses controlled cooling to target and freeze fat cells while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed. The treatment itself can be completed in as little as 45 minutes, with no downtime.

Very less Side Effects 

Cryolipolysis is a safe and effective procedure with few side effects. You may feel a pulling sensation as the applicator suctions your skin and fat during the treatment. As the temperature drops, you may feel a slight sting similar to putting your hand in a bowl of ice water.

Results in 4 to 12 weeks

Cryolipolysis can produce results that appear natural. Unlike other fat-reduction treatments, it does not cause lumpy or uneven skin texture. Since the Cryolipolysis procedure only targets and freezes fat cells, your results will be smooth and natural. Cryolipolysis also has no downtime, so you can resume your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Cryolipolysis produces long-term results

Your body can no longer create new fat cells as an adult. However, depending on your weight and eating habits, the ones you currently have may enlarge or contract in size. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that permanently destroys a percentage of fat cells, reducing the total bulk of fat in the treated area.

Increased Confidence

Cryolipolysis can help you feel more confident. You will feel and look better in your own skin after the treatment. You will be able to wear whatever you want and confidently flaunt your body.

Personalised Treatment

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